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MARTIS productions (previously known as E-QUIP Arts) has been in existence since 2010 and exists to Creatively Communicate the Christian Faith


The name Martis is inspired by the Greek word 'martys', which means 'witness' and is found in the Bible, when Jesus told his followers that they would be 'my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere' (Acts 1:8) This is what we now seek to do - to be creative witnesses, using drama, dance, music, film... anything creative to tell people about the Christian faith and introduce them to this man, Jesus!

MARTIS began life as E-QUIP Arts and was founded by Neil Maddock in 2010. It remains part of the registered charity, E-QUIP Community Projects and has a proven track record of writing, producing, filming and staging quality productions that positively promote the Christian Faith and introduce people to Jesus, the Bible and something of the 'fullness of life' that we believe they can offer.

To find out more about our work visit the PRODUCTIONS page, or CONTACT us to find out how we can work together

MARTIS works with a wide variety of volunteers to stage events and productions but let's introduce Neil...



Neil Maddock

Neil is a writer, director, producer, actor, singer, musician and he's even been known to dance as well!


Neil studied Performing Arts and Religious Studies at the University of Gloucestershire where he earned a BA Hons degree before spending a year working with Youth for Christ as a member of Activate, a touring theatre company. He then spent two years working in New Zealand, as part of Detour Theatre Company. Neil is a fully accredited Minister with the Assemblies of God church and has been involved in church leadership for the past 15 years.

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